Homo Passiens

Illustrations for a book by Mike McInnes charting the role of football in the evolution and civilisation of Man.

Homo Passiens Cover

The evolution of Man through football.

Man emerging from pre-history, the ball at his feet.

Cave paintings cerca 40,000 BC.

Sister sculpture to the Willendorf Venus cerca 25,000 BC.

Mayan Glyphs depicting a particularly eventful cup final cerca 2000 BC.

The Surrealist and Absudist Football Team.

Classical Greek Pot cerca 1000 BC depicting Ajax and the first known example of both shin-pads and the defensive wall.

Impression of Arthur's O'On, a Roman temple to football built near Falkirk, Scotland, and reputably the 'stone house' giving Stenhousemeir it's name

A lost Roman statue of David cerca 200 BC, later copied by Michaelangelo.

The imaginings of Surrealist footballer, E Cantona.

Match Day in the 'out of town' stadium at Yangshuo, cerca 1000 AD.

The original Cerne Abbas Giant, cerca 1200 AD.

Robert Burns addressing the fitba.

Football and the dream state.

Messi and Quantum dribbling.

Ronaldo and the Gods of football.